Pre-Construction Meeting

The construction superintendent, sales representative and you will meet on site to go over all job details. You will be introduced to your construction superintendant who will be your main point-of-contact during the construction process. Any addenda to the contract will be handled by your sales representative.


We obtain permits from the city you live in.


A layout tech will lay out the shape of the pool/spa.


Excavation will begin after we have inspected the layout and verified proper placement.


Our plumbers will set all the plumbing from the pool to the equipment. Any water features are pre-plumbed and all plumbing is pressurized.


A grid of rebar will be contoured to the shape of the dig.


A licensed electrician will install your pool electrical panel (if needed) and connect all equipment, lights, and accessories.


Everything will be inspected by a city inspector to verify all the work done to this point is in compliance with codes.


An experienced shotcrete crew will shoot a mixture of cement, rock, sand, water, and other additives to create the shell.

Water features/Boulders

Boulders will be placed at this time and/or rock waterfalls will be built.


Decking is then installed.


Any existing walls or fences are rebuilt and/or restored.


A tile professional will install waterline tile. If you have selected mosaic tile, it will be installed at this time.

Child Safety Fence or Alarms

Arizona Building Code requires that either a child safety fence or alarms on all doors and windows that access the pool area are installed and all gates self-close and self-latch.  These safety devices must be in place before your pool can be scheduled for interior finish.


City inspector will arrive to ensure all barriers comply with city codes.

Interior Finish

The finish you have chosen is installed.

Fill by owner

Finish Crew will instruct the home owner of the filling instructions depending on which finish was picked.

Chemical Start and Instruct

At this point your pool is full of water, but your pool is not quite ready for swimming.  The chemicals must be balanced to ensure a safe swimming environment for you and your family.  You will call us when the pool is full and we will schedule an appointment to come out to startup and instruct you on your new pool, spa, or fountain.

Enjoy your new pool!